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Are Twin Flames Lowkey Toxic?

We’re all aware of the concept of soulmates, but have you ever heard of twin flames? The concept of a twin flame is not so different from that of a soulmate. It also involves two parts of a soul or a person’s “other half.” However, it is a far more intense and passionate connection. Hence, the question: are twin flames toxic?


When you meet your soulmate, you feel that you are finally complete. That’s not necessarily the case with a twin flame. In fact, a twin flame relationship can be characterized by turmoil, chaos, and on-and-offness. Yet, you can absolutely feel that they are THE ONE at the same time. Confused? It’s that twin flame energy. It’s meant to be confusing and to throw you off your game.


Twin Flame Vs Soulmate


Your soulmate is someone who is cut from the same “energetic tapestry” as you. It’s someone with whom you feel a strong, positive connection. Furthermore, a soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic situation. A lot of people feel strongly that they have platonic soulmates too. You might even have that one bestie that you feel such a strong connection with, that you just KNOW they’re more special than a typical friend. One more important factor to know about soulmates is that the relationship will seldom if ever be manipulative, negative, or hurtful. On the contrary, a twin flame relationship can be all those things. Moreover, soulmates CANNOT also be twin flames. They are very much separate entities.


Why Are Twin Flame Relationships So Dark?


Twin flame relationships can become toxic because they “mirror” your own bad, unhealthy habits or negative traits. It’s like finding your other half...and then finding out they’re kind of mean. We all have positive and negative qualities. It’s just a part of being human. However, most of us try to let our positive qualities shine while working on eliminating the negative ones. Many of us strive to be better people, particularly if we’re aware of our shortcomings. In a twin flame relationship, a lot of these negative qualities are heightened. This can be seductive. It’s not so hard to understand why people are drawn to twin flame relationships. Sometimes, darkness can be alluring and fascinating. Like moths to a flame (no pun intended), we are drawn to the very things that are bad for us.


Should You...Stay Away From Your Twin Flame?


Um, probably! We know it can seem so exciting and romantic to meet your twin flame. Most of us crave excitement and love, passion and intensity, so we can’t help but be drawn to a relationship that promises all that. However, you are highly likely to get hurt in a twin flame relationship. On the other hand, it really depends on what you’re ready for. All people come into our lives for a reason. If we’re aware, we can learn something from every relationship, romantic or platonic, long-term or short-lived. Your twin flame can teach you a lot about yourself, if you are ready to receive this knowledge. The younger you are, the more likely that you can get hurt by your twin flame. With age and maturity, you can look back on the relationship and realize how it shaped you. It’s not impossible for twin flame lovers to get back together after some time apart and make it work in the long-run.


How To Know If You’ve Met Your Twin Flame




Emotions will be heightened with your twin flame. From the moment that you meet them, you will feel like your emotions are on overdrive. The entire relationship from beginning to end will be extremely intense as well.




When you meet your twin flame, the attraction will be immediate. It will also be very strong, almost overwhelming. This attraction will not wane or lessen with time either.




Twin flame relationships are almost always rocky. This is due to the emotional intensity that accompanies them. As you know, it’s hard to have smooth sailing when there are so many amplified emotions involved.




Your twin flame relationship will most likely be on-again/off-again. If you find yourself constantly breaking it off with this person and then feeling desperate to get back together, you’ve most likely met your twin flame.




In the end, a twin flame relationship will make you want to be better. With your own insecurities being mirrored back to you, you might find that you are made more aware of them, and thus, you may be inspired to change.


Bottom Line


So are twin flames toxic? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that although it might be a little bit out of control, a twin flame relationship can be good for you in the long run. As long as you’re aware that you’ve met your twin flame, you can navigate these choppy waters a little more efficiently. Just make sure you don’t lose yourself or get very hurt in the process!